Mango, the Golden Retriever

“We can take Mango anywhere. We like to go to dog parks and love to play with Mango off leash. He isn’t as easily distracted as he was before. My wife and I are so glad that we made the investment to have Mango trained.” (My apologies for the wind noise in this set of videos. This is actual filming with clients during their training.)

Chad and Karen discuss Mango’s habits before training.

Video demonstrates Mango in a long-recall. Note that in a busy park, with lots of distractions,

Mango heads for his owners, not the kids or people with the balls.

Mango goes on an off-leash walk in a park with lots of distractions that he loves.

Mango walks off-leash in a park with other dogs, who aren’t so well-behaved, even on their leashes!