Daisy, the Labrador

Labrador dog training Montgomery

"Rick Walkley is hands down the best dog trainer I have ever had the privilege of watching work a dog or train a dog owner. He is gifted teacher, a generous helper, and one of the most warm-hearted and kind businessmen I know (to a fault). Montgomery/Conroe, Texas has gained a great man and unbelievable dog trainer. I promise you that you are making a mistake if you take your business anywhere else."

Owners, Dakota and Erin, work with Daisy on a recall. She demonstrates her bonding to them, as they venture out of the parking lot and onto grass in a small field at a nearby school. In preparation for this, as a couple, they have been working on various bonding exercises. 


Rick works with Erin and Dakota, teaching Daisy exercises to "come" and "come fast." These zig zags are important building blocks. 

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