Dog Training Consultation

Did you get a brand new dog?

Maybe you’re introducing a new dog into your family? I can help make the integration a smooth one.

The puppy/new dog consultation is approximately 2 hours and covers the basics of dog ownership. I’ll teach you some dog psychology (and how it is different from the way you think), including how to prevent the development of rude behaviors. I cover nutrition, house-breaking, chewing, nipping, jumping, digging, stealing, begging, and excessive barking. To make your life easier, we will discuss some bonding exercises and crate training. Plus, I set the stage to begin off-leash obedience training, should you choose to continue further instruction with me as your trainer.

Many of my clients participate in the consultation before they bring home their new dog. Even if you’re a previous dog owner, this is a good program that helps you to “get it right, from the start.”

Price: $250 for consultation