Tango, the German Shepherd

In Memorium: 2005-2018

Tango was my personal dog and served as my demonstration dog for Focus Dog Training for the entirety of his life. Even when he was older, and his sight was failing him, he still executed terrific obedience. He was the best dog I’ve ever owned, with high drives and the most neutral and affectionate personality.

The videos below show you some of Tango’s excellent obedience. I had hundreds of hours of obedience training in Tango, and he was used with other dogs to help them build confidence. In the overwhelming majority of cases, what Tango can do in these videos is perfectly reasonable to expect your dog to be able to do. You can have a dog that is this well-trained. It requires only a good trainer to get you started and a commitment to practice with your dog.

Other videos you may enjoy:

Tango in my backyard with the Ball, Obedience I

Tango in my backyard with the Ball, Obedience II