Ruby The Aussie

Training Spotlight: Ruby, the Aussie Mix

“Ruby is our 4 and a half year old Aussie mix adopted from the local shelter by us when she was 8 months old.  Ruby is a dream in the house and absolutely loves people.  We have 3 other dogs ranging in size and age from an almost 16 year old chihuahua, 11 year old terrier mix, and a 3 year old border collie mix.  We have 2 cats as well.  Yes, they all get along quite well.

As perfect as Ruby was in our home, when it came to walks at the park or visiting Petsmart or Petco she would become overly excited resulting in excessive pulling and loud barking at other dogs we would see along the way.  This behavior caused a problem for me with my age and a problem for the other dogs and their owners.  We both loved our walks, but these outings were becoming more of a problem than an enjoyable one.  I had tried a variety of methods to correct this behavior with a definite lack of improvement or success.
On one of our walks at the park, I happened to see Rick, another person, and a dog.  Of course, Ruby went into one of her barking, pulling sprees.  I didn’t know Rick at the time, but I could tell he was a trainer.  Rick, his client, and the dog were the total opposite of Ruby and myself.  Ruby was barking, pulling, and I was pulling back and trying my best not to be so very embarrassed at this whole display.  I saw Rick and other clients and dogs on two more occasions.  The same display of a lack of control or communication with Ruby by me was shown.  At this point, I knew Rick was the answer to this dilemma with Ruby and with myself.  I have had many dogs over the years and have gone to various sources for trainers and classes.  I could clearly see the difference in Rick’s style and his results.  I could see happy clients and happy dogs.  I could see ‘night’ and ‘day’ between their walk in the park and our walk in the park. I could see control and communication between dog and owner.  I approached Rick and asked for information from him about his training.  He gave me a card, directed me to his website, and told me to contact him for more information.
After looking at his website and contacting Rick, Ruby and I began training with him.  I am seeing such an improvement in Ruby and my approach to her.  Signing on with Rick is definitely one of my best and most rewarding decisions.  We are still a work in progress, but now I am glad to see other dogs instead of dreading or avoiding them.  Rick is a master at his profession.  His approach is sound and most of all WORKS. I have a better attitude.  Ruby certainly has a better attitude.  I can truly say with confidence ‘Onward and upward’ instead of ‘Spiraling downward’.”–Elizabeth, Owner

May, 2019: Ruby’s Update

Elizabeth discusses Ruby’s progress and reviews her training experience.

May, 2019: Let’s go on a Walk with Ruby and Others

Let’s go on a walk during one of my training sessions with several female dogs and 1 male beagle dog, Colt. One of the female dogs is aggressive. The video shows the neutrality of all the dogs, even as Savannah, a golden retriever, weaves in an out of the group off-leash.