Board & Train

Board and Train Montgomery

Please call me to discuss your needs for a board and train. This type of training is not the best option available for most dog's learning, given the short time frame. And, it is not the most cost-effective way to spend your money.

Disadvantages of the Board & Train experience include:

  1. -Obedience training normally takes months to accomplish. There are no effective shortcuts, even with individualized intense training. Dogs can only learn so much in a day.
  2. -Dogs learn at variable rates; there's no timetable or "one size fits all" in regards to what your dog can accomplish in a 3-week session. It's difficult to predict.

I know these programs are popular, but let's discuss if it is the best option for you.

Price: 3-weeks $1900.00 + 4 owner-involved follow-up appointments:

  1. -Your dog lives in my home and with my dogs, representing a family structure similar to your home. Other trainers board your dog, tucked in the back of a kennel.
  2. -Your dog will receive individualized training, unlike with other trainers, who take on multiple dogs simultaneously.

Board and Train Montgomery