Rude Behavior

Do you experience these frustrating bad habits?

  • Charging visitors at your door
  • Jumping on your company
  • Incessant pushing into your personal space
  • Following you and being pushy to eat your snacks
  • Jumping all over your furniture (and guests as they visit)
  • Non-stop barking at passersby or mail deliverers
  • Invading your kitchen and/or dining room space
  • Destroying your property by chewing or scratching
  • Racing through your house and potentially tripping you or your kids
  • Digging holes in your yard
  • Jumping your fence to go into your neighbor’s pool or to play with your neighbor’s dogs or kids
  • Jumping on the windows/doors and destroying your screens
  • Urine “marking” inside your house or while on walks
  • Stealing and eating your underwear and/or socks
  • Pulling on the leash during walks
  • Opening the doors of your house, to go outside or to get into the pantry
  • Sniffing and stealing your newborn baby’s items
  • Chasing vehicles
  • Fence fighting with your neighbor’s dogs
  • You constantly having to scream at your dog in your house (“DOWN!”, “NO!”, and “STOP IT!”) or in your backyard (“QUIEEETTT!”)

Correction of rude behavior can be accomplished with a few appointments.

Please call me directly to discuss your dog’s rude behaviors, and we can discuss a plan for treatment.

Price: $195.00/Initial Session (determines your goals, then we make a program for completion).



Good Kharma

“When Dr. Lena Roeder and her husband, Marcus, decided to add a new member to their family, they knew they wanted a dog that would fit easily into their active lifestyle – camping, hiking, and joining Dr. Roeder on her daily runs. After contacting HO-BO Care Boxer Rescue, they were introduced to a 10-month-old female they decided to call Kharma – and fell instantly in love.

Kharma had a bit of a checkered past, including a bad habit of jumping impossibly high fences – which had more than once landed her a visit to the Humane Society. But the Roeders were confident that with time, love, and sufficient exercise, Kharma could overcome her less endearing habits and settle right into her new home.

She seemed to be on the path to doing just that – and after a brief adjustment period became lovingly attached to her new family, which included family dogs Owen, Racer and Penelope.

But soon the Roeders began to see another side to Kharma. Extremely insecure, Kharma would become impossible to handle when people came over – including the Roeder’s own children visiting from college! Her physical size and deep, barrel-chested bark made her an intimidating spectacle for visitors. Like so many dog owner’s facing this same dilemma, the Roeders began to feel as though having company was more problem than a pleasure. Not only that but taking Kharma anywhere was proving nearly impossible. Instead of enjoying her daily run, Dr. Roeder found herself constantly tense, worrying that someone would be around the next turn and set Kharma off. This was not the life she’d envisioned for herself or her dog. They needed help, and they needed it fast.

For 24 years, Rick Walkley has dedicated his life to the education and training of dogs and their owners. In 2008 he started Focus Dog Training in Colorado Springs. His mission?

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