My Clients

Here are a few clients I've trained.
I can help you too.

Hank, the Malinois

Rick has worked with Hank and I, and the results are amazing. I have gained confidence using Rick’s methods.

Ben and Lulu, Border Collie & Lab Mix

Rick has tremendous patience for us and our dogs. He is extremely knowledgeable and adaptable to our dogs individual needs.

Amos and Allie, the Terrier Mix

Rick has a great understanding of dog behavior, and uses different training techniques. Very impressed!

Tango, my German Shepherd

In Memorium: The greatest dog I've ever owned. Tango shows you what is possible, with enough time and effort.

Caroline, the Spaniel Mix

Rick met with us and explained how he could work with us to give her confidence and bring out her buried personality.

Bella, the German Shepherd

Rick's knowledge of dog behavior and how best to train them is remarkable. He recognized our Bella's strong...

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Jango, the Doberman

Rick was exactly what I was looking for in a trainer and has met and exceeded my expectations in his training methods.

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Daisy, the Labrador

Daisy is a dog full of personality/drive. She needs a lot of structure & exercise. She is making great progress with her new family!

Dog Trainer Reviews Montgomery

Ruby, the Aussie Mix

Rick is a master at his profession. His approach is sound and most of all WORKS. I have a better attitude.

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