My Clients

Here are a few clients I've trained.
I can help you too.

Focus Dog Training

Sadie, the Malinois

What we thought was going to be a fun experience with a puppy quickly turned into a nightmare, we were losing control.

Focus Dog Training

Mango, the Golden Retriever

We started with a rambunctious and easily-distracted rescue dog and ended up with a well-behaved companion.

Black Jack, the German Shepherd

I had never owned a dog before and wanted to make sure I trained my dog properly for general obedience.

Jack, the Golden Puppy

Getting a good start with a new puppy is critical to enjoying your relationship with your dog.

Manny, the Pointer

I have learned how to use the techniques that Rick has taught me to have a more enjoyable relationship with Manny.

Focus Dog Training

Enzo, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Enzo and I have mastered heal, sit, and down on command and all while off leash in a dog park. So happy!

Auggie, the Mastiff

Being 220 lbs is a little intimating. Auggie doesn't pull or rush people like he was doing before. Making great progress.

Rafiki, the Rhodesian Ridgeback

Rafiki was 8 months, and he was exhibiting dog aggression, and it wasn’t getting better with the trainer I was using.

Bosco, the Australian Shepherd

I had used other local dog trainers for this same dog but found any return on my time and money to be short-lived.