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Using Individualized Canine Obedience Training and Behavior Modification, I can facilitate an enjoyable relationship between you and your dog.

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Come! Come now, and come fast.

Situations arise where you need your dog to come immediately to you, such as if unfamiliar dogs appear in the environment, or there is a risk of moving vehicles. Knowing that you have control over your dog gives you a sense of peace, and it may keep your dog from harm. With good obedience training, your dog can be trained to come now and come fast--and to execute this command reliably. Ultimately, this creates a more enjoyable relationship between you and your dog.

I am a combination trainer, which means I can recommend which training aids best fit your dog’s personality and environment (home, park, trails, neighborhood), without sacrificing any of your dog’s behaviors that you love. I can use multiple training methods to meet your goals. For example, if your dog has no inherent food drive, it’s useless to think you’re going to use food with a clicker as a training aid. Even if your dog has a good food drive, sometimes you don’t have food available, so you’ll want to utilize different training aids for different environments.

I have been formally schooled as a trainer, with additional time earning narcotics and tracking certifications. I have bred and trained German shepherds for over a decade. And, I have been obedience training dogs for over 25 years. I train dogs because my passion is facilitating a successful relationship between you and your dog. I use a combination strategy that is individualized, reliable, humane, and cost-effective—teaching you the skill sets you need to control your dog in all situations—without compromising his trust and personality and without wasting time and money.

I offer obedience training in the form of a consultation and individualized sessions, behavior modification for rude behaviors and aggression, and a Board & Train experience for select dogs. Give me a call today, and I’m happy to discuss your situation: 936-449-1665, or complete my contact form .