Save yourself money and time. Do Your Research before you hire a trainer!


At first, my husband thought I was crazy for making the drive [from Denver]. He did not believe the methods would work, since we had already gone through basic puppy training at the local pet store. He has helped with the training that requires only 6-8 minutes each day, and he comments regularly how well behaved the dogs are now. We never thought they would learn so quickly. They showed progress during the first home training session.–Debbie, owner of Duke & Timber

Great experience. We've only had two short sessions, but I can see this is going to make a huge difference.  Expensive, but you get what you pay for. Personal attention, clear instructions, great evaluation, and follow up really based on where you are with your dog training. I had a young, active dog, that was just too big for me, and I feel I am in-control and am able to manage him in any setting.–Maggiebelle47

My advice to anyone considering adding a dog to the family would be to call Rick first or as soon as you get home. Don't let yourself or the dog make mistakes you will have to correct later. Rick taught me how a puppy thinks and cleared up a lot of common misinformation. He was able to relieve the stress over training a puppy, and we thank him!–Noreen

What a difference Rick has made in our family's life by teaching us the proper way to train our 2 dogs. My 8-year old son said, 'We love what Rick has done. I never thought our dogs would be this good or listen this well.' We had searched the web and spoken to friends but were unable to find a qualified dog training until my sister introduced us to Rick and Focus Dog Training. I decided to drive to Colorado Springs from Denver, and our dogs [made] an amazing transformation. After just 6 weeks of training, and only 3 visits with Rick, we now can walk our dogs on leash without them pulling. And they are able to walk off-leash while staying close by our side. They come when called and are alert and attentive to us most of the time.–Debbie, owner of Timber & Duke