Stress-Free Holiday Season with Your Dog

Stress-Free Holiday Season with Your DogHappy holidays from Focus Dog Training!

Holidays can be a huge stress on dogs owners. All the company in and out of the house, the parties, the kids running around, strange noises–these are potential triggers that stress dogs and can wreck your holiday fun, if you’re dogs are nervy or untrained. Sometimes, the only option you have, to keep your dogs and your family safe, is to separate your dogs from your family (crating them or boarding them). This can be a huge hassle and get expensive.

Consider getting some training for your dogs. It’ll be worth it to you in ways that you don’t even recognize now. Imagine dogs that: go to their beds when instructed, won’t tear up the furniture or chew up clothing or shoes of guests, won’t jump on people when they enter the house or bark excessively, won’t dig holes in your yard when you put them outside. A trained dog can just reduce your holiday stress.

If you need further help, please give me a call and I can go over some options for your specific needs. Rick Walkley (936) 449-1665.