Jacob’s Training-Part III: 1/25/2018

 Jacob’s Third Session: Going to the Park…

Jacob is a 3-year-old German shepherd dog who began training for obedience and aggressive behavior in January, 2018. Read on for his story and frequent updates about training, as reported by his owner, Terry.

“On our 3rd session, we met at a public park in the afternoon. I was nervous about taking Jacob out in public, especially around children and other dogs. I really felt very little confidence in myself in handling Jacob. It helped how Rick would explain the training exercises step by step and then show me how to properly do them. I felt a lack of coordination at first because the training was so different than what I had previously experienced. When I started to get the hang of it, then Jacob seemed to naturally respond. I know we have a lot of work ahead, but I gained a little confidence today, and I am starting to enjoy it.”

Check back for more updates on Jacob’s training progress…

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