Pros and Cons to Dog Training

There are many things to consider when bringing a dog into your family.  What kind of dog? What kind of food do I feed my new dog? What kind of collar? What kind of leash? How do I train my new dog? Do I use a crate? So many unanswered questions.

As with any subject, there are pros and cons to all of the above.

Pros and Cons to Dog TrainingWhen looking for a dog trainer, you want to do your research. There’s lots of information out there. Use the trainer’s website as a starting place. Look at online reviews. Look hard to find the trainer’s formal schooling, experience, and philosophy. If this is missing, ask a prospective trainer about this directly. I cannot tell you the number of clients who have spent lots of money with unqualified trainers, and then came to me to have behaviors corrected as a result of an unskilled trainer’s interventions. Sometimes, it’s a simple matter of they didn’t get what they were promised, usually because the trainer didn’t have the skill set to give them what they promised.

My promises to you are the following:

  • I am properly educated.
  • I have extensive training experience.
  • I will be direct in addressing your goals and expectations, in terms of what is reasonable and attainable. I can also embellish your expectations, if I feel your dog can accomplish more than you realize.
  • I can read your dog and know which training aids are best (if any are needed).
  • I will always be fair to your dog. Above everything else, I will prioritize his or her well-being.

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