Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

Focus Dog TrainingThe bond we have with our dog is a special one, but not always easy to maintain. Oftentimes, owners will attempt to discipline their pets without follow through, or ultimately give in to negative reinforcement. This creates a cycle of frustration, and inconsistent behavioral fixes that are adverse to a healthy relationship that could be achieved.

Here at Focus Dog Training, we believe in the power of Positive Reinforcement when it comes to teaching and training your dog. We customize and tailor obedience training to your dog’s specific needs, no matter the circumstance!

Starting your dog in a well-designed training program with an experienced trainer is extremely important in maximizing the enjoyment you and your pet get out of your relationship. At the core of training, positive reinforcement calls for rewarding the behavior we like, and ignoring the behavior we don’t like. This can mean using treats, toys, affection, or an activity to reward good behavior. One thing to remember is to keep it fun for everyone! Get your family, or anyone consistently around your dog involved. Not only will this socialize your dog, it will facilitate bonding time as well. While much patience is required, eventually your dog will grow and learn to listen without the promise of a treat or reward.

A good training program should address not only obedience but socialization in a variety of settings to improve the dog’s confidence outside the situations to which he/she is accustomed. Give us a call at Focus Dog Training to find out more information on positive reinforcement dog training and changing your relationship with your dog. 936-449-1665