Hadley, the Lab Mix

Lab Obedience Training Montgomery

"It would be hard to imagine anyone doing any better than Focus Dog Training has done in helping to get our very active and independent thinking lab/pit mix under control. Rick comes into your dog's environment and helps you to learn the proper techniques to get your pup to be a good member of your family. He asks you what traits you want or don't want your dog to exhibit; and then structures a program specifically tailored to your dog. He stresses consistency, persistence and patience. We couldn't be more happy with Hadley's progress so far; and, receive many kind comments from friends remarking at how well she is doing. Highly recommend!"


Owner, Ron, works with Hadley on obedience at a local park. Notice how she is off-leash, and there are many distractions nearby. 

Rick and Ron work more with Hadley off-leash at a park in Conroe, Texas. She does great off-leash, and her owner has full control.