Jacob’s Training-VIII: 4/2019

Jacob’s progress: Jacob Goes to Group Training

Jacob is a 3-year-old German shepherd dog who began training for obedience and aggressive behavior in January 2018. Read on for his story and frequent updates, as reported by his owner, Terry. There are several links at the bottom that detail Jacob’s progress (and his owner’s). 

In this video, Terry discusses how Jacob is doing now that he is integrated into sessions with other dogs. This would have been impossible for this dog one year ago. She is enthusiastic about how far he’s come and looks forward to being able to trust him in social situations with strangers. The fact that she’s building a kennel for him outside is remarkable improvement, as one year ago, he could not even be trusted outside without serious supervision and a leash. 

Terry also talks about the effort required to consistently work with Jacob with his exercises and socialization, especially as the holidays sneak up on her. 

“Jacob is doing fantastic right now.” He has one more session before he can graduate! I will stay in close contact with Terry for the next few months, in the event Jacob has any serious issues. If we act fast to correct mistakes, both Jacob and Terry can settle in to trusting each other and knowing that Jacob is a reliable companion.  


Jacob’s Links:

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