Black Jack, the German Shepherd

I went to Rick for training because I had never owned a dog before and wanted to make sure I trained my dog properly for general obedience. With Rick’s recommendation, I bought a GSD from a breeder in California. I’m very satisfied with the breeder; my dog, Black Jack, is happy, intelligent, and well-socialized. All of Rick’s training for initial house training and basic obedience (heel/sit/down/come) worked very well for us. Rick kept track of our progress and challenged us with more difficult commands as we were ready. With a little more time and practice on our part, implementing what Rick has shown us, we will be able to spend most of our time off-leash. Working with Rick has given me confidence as a handler and confidence Black Jack will obey commands on-leash or off-leash.

Black Jack and I learned so much more in personal sessions with Rick than we could have ever learned in group classes or a board and train facility. With personal sessions, tailored to our skill level and comfort level, Rick could provide instant feedback to fix my handling mistakes and see what corrections or changes Black Jack needed. We could not have gotten that kind of feedback in a group setting. If I had sent Black Jack to a board and train facility, I’m sure he would have learned whatever they taught. However, I would have missed all of the bonding time that we had training together, I would have learned zero handling skills, and I would not be able to continue challenging Black Jack with new commands or training scenarios.

Rick has been a wonderful trainer, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs help training their dog.

Black Jack and Christine practicing off-leash obedience.

Black Jack has some fun with his owner and a ball off-leash in the park.

Notice how much fun it is to play ball with a well-trained dog, who doesn’t run away or guard the ball.

Listen for her working with him on “leave it.” She is in-control of when the ball is relinquished, and the dog is patient.