Jacob’s Training, Part I: 1/11/2018

Jacob’s First Session: My Initial Evaluation…

Jacob is a 3-year-old German shepherd dog who began training for obedience and aggressive behavior in January 2018. Read on for his story and frequent updates about training, as reported by his owner, Terry.

In the series of videos below, you can observe the frustration and despair from Jacob’s owner, as well as see the damage he’s done to their home from unrestrained behavior, even after a year of “training” with a different trainer.

I show you all of the devices that the previous trainer required that have made no impact on his destructive and out-of-control behavior.

Also, I do an assessment of his basic obedience, demonstrating that he has negligible obedience skills, in spite of the outrageous cost of previous training.

Check back for more posts, as I chronicle Jacob’s training progress.

Jacob’s links:

Jacob’s Initial Evaluation

Jacob Goes for a Walk

Jacob Goes to the Park

Jacob’s Friends Come Over to Visit

Jacob Heeling in the Park and Off-Leash Walking

Jacob and the Lawn Guys

Jacob Executes Commands

Jacob Goes to Group