Why I don’t have a Training Building

Dog Training With Your Lifestyle

I am frequently asked why I don’t operate my training business from a building. I’ve been doing this a lot of years, and I feel that there is a benefit with dog training with your lifestyle.

Training buildings have their benefits: cool air conditioning in the hot summer, shelter if it’s raining, protection from the hot sun, stability of location (so I don’t have to lose time driving). And there are others. I’ve owned training facilities in the past. What I discovered was that I spent very little time with clients at the facility because we were training in the locations where dogs have their issues (which usually is not at my training building).

I train at your home (inside and out), on trails, in parks, in the woods, at lakes, on the farm, at your kid’s soccer game, inside stores (pet or home improvement locations), at the groomer or the veterinarian. Wherever you go, and wherever your dog is having issues or needs obedience.

In the video, I discuss why I don’t have a training building and the benefits training your dog where you go.

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