Behavior Modification

Dog Behaviors

Rude behaviors can be corrected with obedience training and specialized sessions dedicated to dealing with the behavior in your environment. Do you experience these frustrating bad habits?

→ Charging visitors at your door

→ Jumping on your company

→ Incessant pushing into your personal space

→ Following you and being pushy to eat your snacks

→ Jumping all over your furniture (and guests as they visit)

→ Non-stop barking at passersby or mail deliverers

→ Invading your kitchen and/or dining room space

→ Destroying your property by chewing or scratching

→ Racing through your house and potentially tripping you or your kids

→ Digging holes in your yard

→ Jumping your fence to go into your neighbor’s pool or to play with your neighbor’s dogs or kids

→ Jumping on the windows/doors and destroying your screens

→ Urine “marking” inside your house or while on walks

→ Stealing and eating your underwear and/or socks

→ Pulling on the leash during walks

→ Opening the doors of your house, to go outside or to get into the pantry

→ Sniffing and stealing your newborn baby’s items

→ Chasing vehicles

→ Fence fighting with your neighbor’s dogs

→ You constantly having to scream at your dog in your house (“DOWN!”, “NO!”, and “STOP IT!”) or in your backyard (“QUIEEETTT!”)


Aggressive behaviors include:

→ Your dog fighting with other dogs

→ Your dog biting you or others

→ Your dog lunging at kids

→ Your dog growling or biting you over food or toys

→ Your dog chasing joggers, cyclists, and people walking by

→ Your dog chasing and nipping at children, misunderstood as “play” behavior

→ Over protection behavior

These behaviors are serious and require both strict obedience training and modification of the specific forms of aggression. These dogs require extra time and patience. Usually their aggression didn’t begin overnight; it takes several sessions to correct.