Jacob’s Training, Part II: 1/19/2018

Jacob’s Second Session: Going for a Walk…

Jacob is a 3-year-old German shepherd dog who began training for obedience and aggressive behavior in January 2018. Read on for his story and frequent updates about training, as reported by his owner, Terry.

“During our 2nd training session with Rick, he said, ‘Grab a leash. We are going for a walk.’ Anxiety rushed through me. I have taken Jacob for walks before–this is after going through more than a half dozen training sessions a year ago with another dog trainer–Jacob would still see a squirrel or a car and drag me down the drive way. One night, he dragged me through a ditch because he saw his shadow. I was terrified to walk Jacob because I couldn’t control him. So, I grabbed my leash and away we went. We were half way down the driveway, and Rick told me to drop the leash. I thought, ‘Is this guy crazy!’ I hesitantly dropped it but put my foot on the leash. Rick knew my anxiety level was high and assured me that it would be fine. I trusted him. Not only was Rick having to work on Jacob’s anxiety levels, but he was working on my anxiety also. We continued to walk with Jacob by my side. I couldn’t believe it. We walked down the street on and off leash with Jacob by my side. He had never done that before. I learned there were a lot of basic things that Jacob had never been taught. But, I finally felt there was hope for us.”

Check back for more updates on Jacob’s training progress…

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