Jacob’s Training-Part VII: 4/2018

Jacob’s Progress: Jacob executes commands now without training aids

Jacob is a 3-year-old German shepherd dog who began training for obedience and aggressive behavior in January 2018. Read on for his story and frequent updates about training, as reported by his owner, Terry.

In this video, Rick interviews Terry about what he saw when he came for a training appointment and rang the doorbell. Terry discusses the substantial improvement in Jacob’s manners in his 9 appointments so far. Before training, Terry had no control through basic obedience, in spite of several training sessions with a previous trainer. Jacob would not listen and was unruly and destructive. After these 9 sessions, Terry now has voice control over Jacob, without using any training tools, because he has been trained with tools that are humane and effective.

This is the real beginning for Terry and her husband and Jacob. They now have a different life for themselves because they have a different relationship with their dog. Many opportunities open up for them that were previously inconceivable, such as going out of town on a trip and boarding Jacob at a facility. We are continuing to work with these owners and Jacob to expand what they can do together. There is even more in store for them in being able to have social and family gatherings, which Terry has expressed much enthusiasm for in the past. Terry’s close friends and relatives are beginning to see that Jacob is an obedient and valued pet, rather than an unruly terrorizer of the home of his owners!

Check back for more updates on Jacob’s training progress…

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