What Do You Look For In A Dog Trainer

Choosing Dog TrainerThere are many options to consider when choosing a dog trainer.  Proximity: finding a dog trainer that is close is good. Academic accomplishment: how important is it to find a dog trainer who has certifications? Type of encounter: should you use classes or a one-on-one approach? In my opinion, the most important characteristics of a dog trainer dog trainer are formal training and experience.

All questions are important when you are researching dog trainers,  but hiring a formally-schooled trainer with vast experience in a variety of breeds will most likely get you the results you’re after.

I formally trained in an academic program for 3 years to become a trainer. Then, I apprenticed with some of the best in the field.  I have over 28 years of experience with a variety of breeds. I will meet with you and your dog in your every day setting. It might be in your home or a park — wherever you choose.  I’ll go wherever you go. The environment for training is important: dogs need to be taught in their own environment to achieve the best results.

Behavior Issues

It’s difficult for me to address the myriad of canine behavior issues here on the website. I’ve been a trainer for more than 28 years and not much is new to me. Many people bring their dogs to me for an assessment of whether I can correct certain behaviors, even aggression. I can help you come up with a plan for any behavior issue: usually, it’s dog training; rarely, it’s re-homing your dog; extraordinarily rare, it’s a recommendation for euthanasia (know that these are devastating to me, and I only recommend this in the most extreme cases where I am certain that training will not benefit your dog. I have made this recommendation less than 5 times in 28 years). My primary motivation always is fairness to the dog, and I will be honest in my assessment of your dog and direct with you in delivery of my assessment. Most behavior issues are not genetic, and they can be addressed through obedience training and/or behavior modification.

Types of Training

I am a combination trainer, which means I can recommend which training aids best fit your dog’s personality and environment (home, park, trails, neighborhood), without sacrificing any of your dog’s behaviors that you love. I will use multiple training methods to meet your goals.

Where to Find Me

Currently Rick Walkley trains in the Conroe, Huntsville, Magnolia, Montgomery, The Woodlands, and Willis areas.  If you find that you are in need of his services and you are outside of this area, give him a call to see if he is available. To schedule a time for your consultation or to speak with Rick, please call 936-449-1665.