Puppy Speculating

choosing a puppy

Looking for a new puppy or rescue dog?

All dogs need training to reach their potential and maximize your relationship with them. But, if you start with a good puppy or adult dog, you can eliminate many problems from the beginning. I can recognize drives and behaviors in dogs that you may not understand. I am familiar with a variety of breeds, and with over 25 years experience in breeding and training, I can make an assessment of the parents and the litter, or dogs in a shelter, to find the puppy or adult dog that fits your goals. Helping you to find the best dog for your family is what I call “Puppy Speculating.”

Benefits of Puppy Speculation

  • Most people pick a puppy based on colors and appearance. When behavior is considered, people tend to pick outgoing and pushy puppies, not recognizing that these behaviors may ultimately conflict with your family’s goals for a dog. I can help you determine what you want in a pet, and then find the dog that matches your vision.
  • Puppies are comfortable in the house where they were born. Small behaviors, usually unrecognized by prospective owners, can illuminate potential social problems that might appear once the puppy’s environment changes.
  • Without divulging to you, breeders can disguise a puppy’s shortcomings in order to make a sale.
  • Shelter dogs do not come with verifiable history, so behavior assessment is very important; I can help you find a neutral dog.
  • I can help you pick a puppy or adult that is going to cost less to train in order to meet your family’s goals.
  • Also, it’s likely that I will be able to quote a cost for training at the time we pick out your puppy or shelter dog.

Fee: $550


  • Interviewing you (and family) to discuss the best breed for you/breed you’ve chosen OR to discuss the issues related to rescues/shelters
  • Finding a breeder or talking with your breeder(s) (if you desire a specific breed) OR finding and evaluating a Rescue/Shelter
  • Breeder visit or Shelter/Rescue visit (within 40 miles of Montgomery, TX)
  • Accompany you to evaluate litters (maximum 3) OR to evaluate dogs in a Rescue/Shelter (maximum 3 visits)

choosing a puppy    choosing a puppy   choosing a puppy

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