Camping Tips With Your Dog

Getting out with your Dog – Camping

Have you ever wanted to take your dog camping, but have been worried about behavior issues?? Ticks? Getting lost? This is the blog post for you.

Camping Tips WIth Your Dog

One of the best ways for families to bond with their dog is to get outside and get moving! Because camping is very involved, we recommend getting your dog’s behavior and obedience level assessed before taking the plunge. If you feel that your dog may need some extra assistance before heading to the great outdoors, Focus Dog Training can help!

Camping is a great way to gain and give trust, as it creates an extended environment for outdoor activities for both you and your dog! First things first, here are some camping tips with your dog:

  • Do some research into campgrounds – do they have trails? Are they pet friendly? Easy access to water?
  • Make sure your dog can be spotted! Many campers will tie a bright bandana around their dog’s neck, or buy a rucksack that is easily strapped to their back.
  • Make sure your dog has enough food, and to bring a first aid kit suitable for both human and canine.
  • Come across a tick? Make sure to pack some tweezers, rubbing alcohol, and some topical medication just in case! Don’t forget to drop the tick in a sealed plastic bag and take it to your local vet for testing.
  • Most of all: have fun! Dogs were made to be in the outdoors, so it is a joy to watch them be in their element.

Here at Focus Dog Training, we prioritize any opportunity to develop a deep bond and to be able to experience life together without a tether. There are many benefits to this, such as having the peace of mind that your dog will come when you call; knowing you can place your dog out of harm’s way, and he will stay there; and feeling confident in your dog’s behavior when you do not have access to a leash. This training gives you and your dogs flexibility and increased opportunities.

Give us a call and we will be happy to customize a training plan , along with some specific camping tips with your dog. 936-449-1665