Board & Train

In this post, I explain my thoughts about why a Board and Train experience is not the best option for most dogs. I do offer a 3 week board and train, but I very seldom train dogs this way. If your desire is to leave your dog for training, I can discuss with you whether your goals for the training are realistic in the time frame you’re considering.

Basic ideas:

  • Boarding experiences are very expensive. Many obedience packages are cheaper and will have better results over time. If I am suggesting to you that you consider an obedience package, it’s not because it costs more (it costs less!), it’s because I want your dog to have the best results. I really want to avoid you leaving your dog for expensive training that you’re ultimately dissatisfied with, then tell all your friends that I am a horrible dog trainer. I promise to always look out for what’s best for your dog.
  • Dogs cannot retain much information over a 2-4 week period, especially without putting heavy pressure on a dog, which can break his spirit. Dogs won’t bond or trust me in a short period of time, especially if I force it because of time constraints.
  • I know my competitors offer these board and train programs. But, I will never suggest an option that is not the best for the dog, regardless of how much money I will make off the deal. Most dogs cannot retain enough information in the short training period to make the cost of the program economical.
  • Your dogs miss out on training with you, which is a critical part of your dog’s training.
  • The problems that you are experiencing with your dog most often are not amenable to training outside of your environment. This dog will not learn to stop these behaviors outside of the environment where the behaviors occur.
board and trains will not correct this behavior

Layla chews paper.