Beloved Police Dog Honored With Final Salute. And He Earned It

Focus Dog Training wants to pay respect to Police K9 Sultan.

Yarmouth Police Department: “One by one they came to say goodbye and scratch his head. The morning was brutally cold in South Portland, Maine, but none of the two dozen police officers, firefighters, and EMT technicians from across the state who gathered around Shane Stephenson’s SUV paid much attention to the temperature. “It was pretty tough trying to hold back the tears,” recalls Stephenson, a K-9 officer with the town’s police department, of the send-off held for veteran police dog Sultan, shortly before he drove the 13-year-old German Shepherd to a local vet to be euthanized. “Everyone just wanted to pet him one last time and say their farewells. He kind of sensed it was his final moments and just stared up at everybody with sad eyes and licked their hands.”
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