Bosco, the Australian Shepherd

Rick is a very capable and effective dog trainer! I hired him to train my dog who I was beginning to think a hopeless case. I had used other local dog trainers for this same dog but found any return on my time and money to be short-lived.

At Rick’s suggestion, we trained at different locations to expose my dog and me to a variety of situations. I am so grateful to Rick who gave me the ability to love my dog again and has relieved me of constant worry! I am able to take my dog to parks and on trails all off-leash–something I never would’ve thought possible and he did so in half the time of the other trainers!

Rick was unerringly patient, reassuring and expressed confidence in my ability to get the job done. In essence, he understands people and dogs. Rick is amazing!!

Lisa walks Bosco off-leash through a busy park with fountains and children.

Notice he is completely calm and neutral to his surroundings.

This dog used to chase any moving vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.